Sightseeing in Brussels
Sightseeing in Brussels

Before arriving in London I had organised a few weekend getaway’s to really throw myself into my new life. So my second weekend in Europe I was set to go via the Eurostar to Brussels, in Belgium.

What could me more exciting than an entire country centred on delicious foods? I was salivating at the thought of it.

Okay firstly, the Eurostar is one of those speed trains, which goes super freaking fast. We don’t have this kind of thing in Australia, so I was very excited for this journey. However, I wasn’t disappointed, but I wasn’t blown away either. You barely notice the speed of the train  booooo!!! I wanted it to be like a roller coaster.

Now onto the good stuff, THE FOOD!!!

Belgian Chocolatey Goodness

Walking around Brussels, it’s evident they are very proud of their chocolates and waffles. Every second shop was either a bakery or a chocolate shop, and the air in Brussels smells like sweet delicious goodness. Unfortunate for me I was unable to sample the waffles; however that didn’t stop me looking and ogling over them. I did however, convince my friend he needed a waffle, (not selfish of me at all) it was all in name of helping the foreigner (me) to understand the flavours behind waffles. Typical of me, I made him describe the flavours to me. I am certain the words he used to describe the sweet mouthfuls of sweet bread, coupled with strawberries and cream did not do the waffle justice.

What I could sample, were the chocolates!!! I was taken to a Neuhaus chocolate factory that has a store attached which offers a free sample of every type of chocolate they sell in that store. And BOY OH BOY did I sample EVERYTHING!!! My stomach couldn’t handle what my eyes and hands were feeding it. And yes, I over-indulged on all the delicious chocolates, and yes, I was almost physically ill, and vowed never to eat chocolate like that again!!! Pffft we all know that wasn’t going to happen.

Okay okay, so I didn’t just sample foods whilst in Belgium, (much to your astonishment I’m sure) I did actually see some beautiful buildings and amazing views. They have cute little cobble stone roads, and massive old churches, unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Each of the towns I visited had their own little highlights.

  • Gent had beautiful buildings and alley ways that wind alongside the canals. And the castle is quite special. Also all you can eat ribs, YES PLEASE!!
  • Antwerp has an amazing train station that is both beautiful inside and out. It’s seriously soo huge and amazing. I was in awe constantly. The Museum at the Stream (unsure of its real name, this is translated to English) was also quite a sight, the view from the top was incredible. This was also the city I discovered Bubble Tea, which is highly delicious, basically flavoured cold tea with jellies in the bottom. YUMMMM!
  • Brussels has a lot to see and do. The Grand Palace is gorgeous at night, when all the buildings in the square are lit up in different colours. Its sooo magical, and it kind of looks like the Disneyland castle. I also saw the peeing boy statue, and street art of Tin Tin, which was pretty cool.

Tin Tin

I did soo much more there, and ate at soo many yummy restaurants, I could go on for days and days about it all…..  But I think that’s enough for now……..

Next stop PARIS!

Peace out for now


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