Time to get my act together…..

After much thought, I’ve decided to keep an online account of my adventures over the coming months, years, however long I keep motivated. Which could end tomorrow, I was never any good at keeping a diary.

So my main purpose of the blog is to keep family and friends back home (in Australia) up to date with my shenanigans, whilst I live and travel abroad. Plus I’m lazy about emailing everyone independently, so this way you all get to feel like you’re here with me 🙂 see I can be kind like that.

I will also add some food pics in here, because you all know how much I love food, and everything I do incorporates food in some way shape or form, hehe. So I’ll post mainly stuff I cook, but also restaurants I eat at, and any other delectables I encounter along the way.

As I’ve already been living in London for almost 3 months (geez time flies) I’ll do a few posts as a catch up. So I can start blogging in the present instead of months in the past. And don’t worry, for those who bought me travel diaries, I have been using them, and I will continue to use them 🙂

Okay, peace out for now

B xx

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