London: the food safari

My Belgian friend had decided to come and visit and his only request was that we didn’t stick to tourist things only. He wanted to go off the beaten track. I’m still not a local and I had no idea where to go or what to do. So what does any person do when they have no idea about a subject, place or activity? They Google it off course 😉

Some things you should know about my friend. He loves food just as much as me; he likes to look at it, touch, taste, and sample. Fortunately for him, he has no food allergies. So naturally, my entire weekend was cantered around food 😀


Postcard Teas
Postcard Teas

With great weather we set off to our first stop “Postcard Teas”. The idea behind this place is that you can sample and buy the teas you like and then send a 50g postcard package to anyone in the world. After sampling two different teas, we decided that almost ÂŁ9 was probably a little bit extravagant, plus we could use that £9 for better things, like fresh coconut water from a stand in Oxford Street and jerky from Selfridges. Yep, much better options.



Giant Gummy Bear
Giant Gummy Bear 

So onward to Selfridges, which I had heard, had an amazing food hall. And boy was those rumours true. The candy options were endless, and then just as you think it can’t get any better, you spot cupcakes! Followed by an endless counter of jerky. Your eyes just don’t know where to look. There is just too much to catch your attention. After cupcakes, giant gummy bears and jerky we made our way to the Science Museum.On our way we walked through Hyde Park and decided that our legs needed a rest and it would be much quicker to ride the few km’s on Barclay’s rental bikes. And this was probably the best decision of the weekend. Those bikes are super comfortable; those seats are huge and cushiony. Well at least for the first two days they were.

Hiring those bikes and riding around Hyde Park and parts of Kensington was the most fun ever. It’s such a great way to see the city. And sooo much faster than waiting for public transport to get around.

We settled on Tapas at a Spanish restaurant for lunch, which again was super yummy. And finished the afternoon at the Science Museum.

20130607_132148For dinner I had seen on Time Out a Street Feast event that was only on during summer and was about 20 food venders in a court yard in east London selling every type of dinner food you could imagine. The trek to the court yard via public transport was around and hour, so being all motivated and enthusiastic about our bike riding, we decided to ride through the centre on London and all the way to Street Feast.

Yep we got slightly lost, and yep I was hungry. For those who know me, when I get hungry, I get frustrated, angry and impatient. So you could imagine how much of a graceful lady I was being. Hahah, we got there in the end, and I made up for lost time. We feasted, and feasted until our tummies couldn’t handle anymore.

Asian, Vegetarian, Mexican, and tons more. We tired fried Plantain, which is basically a type of banana, and OMGOSH it was delicious. We finished off the kilograms of food with CUPCAKES, and they even had gluten free ones, WINNING!!!

Gluten Free Cupcake
Gluten Free Cupcake

I wasn’t really in the mood for more cycling, and my friend wasn’t keen on hearing me whine anymore about how tired I was, so we decided to catch the bus and the train home. One and a half hours later we finally arrived near my house, and what was greeting us? SHESHA!!!!

And that ended day one. Plenty of food eaten, plenty of kilometres covered, and only a few dummy spats! A very successful day…….


Peace out for now


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