London Food Safari, Part 2

Saturday was planned as another FOOD adventure day. And to ensure our appetite was in check, we decided to ride the 10.6km to the Borough Markets. So off we set for a fun filled ride, which should have taken us around 40 mins, but ended up being close to an hour, and you all know how I get when things don’t go to plan, anyways enough about my personality flaws, onto the food.

The Borough Markets are amazing. Imagine free samples of delicious meats, cheeses, oils, olives, and tons more, with a side serving of stalls and stalls of the most mouth-watering foods. Definitely come here with an empty belly and a few 20’s in the wallet.

Chickpea Burger
Chickpea Burger

After wandering through the selection of cheeses, we headed out to get our hands on lunch!!! And when you have hundreds and hundreds of choices for lunch it’s almost impossible to settle on one thing. So in no particular order this what we feasted on: grilled cheese sandwich, freshly made juices, chickpea burger and salad, German sausage in bread, lamington, iced lemon and mint tea, peanut butter and white chocolate blondie, apple and walnut cake, and a sangria. Now to not embarrass either myself or my friend on how much we ate (hehe) I’ll not mention what was gluten and dairy free. But you should all know I did not miss out!!!

With full bellies, and tons of energy from our feasting, we walked down the Thames to Tower Bridge. And it’s quite a nice walk with the views of the bridge in front of you. You can see them opening the bridge up to let taller sailing ships get out of the harbor.  And the weather was amazing and made for some great pictures.

Tower Bridge with cool picture effects
Tower Bridge with cool picture effects

The rest of Saturday was spent stopping at random watering holes to indulge in some wines on our way back home. Though let me tell you riding a bike slightly tipsy is not a wise thing to do in London, and probably ensure you pee before leaving any establishment. Lesson learned!!!

We ended the night in a traditional English pub quite close to my place, and some old dude tried to have a great chat with me, but his accent was soo thick and he was drunk, I had no freaking idea what he was saying at all, and I had to keep smiling and nodding in the hope he didn’t actually ask me a question. Definitely ready to sleep off the wine at that point.

Wine time
Wine time

Sunday is usually a day of rest, not for us. We set out to eat at a cute little cafe I’d seen on one of my bus routes. It serves traditional English breakfast’s and also some of the most delicious home cooked fresh foods. I was seriously spoiled for choice and will have to go back just to sample everything.

What trip to London is complete without a visit to the Harrods Food Hall? This place is amazing, I couldn’t be bothered with the Chanel or other designer items in this place, the food halls is where it’s at.

Buying a bag of sugared almonds to wander the halls was definitely the right decision. The amount of money people actually spend in this place blows my mind. A few pounds for room temperature water and few tens of pounds for anything that would count as lunch. But still it’s fun to look at how the rich spend their pennies.


Just down the road from Harrods is Whole Foods, basically my heaven. This store is hands down my happy place. I could spend hours in the place, and truth be told, I have!!! We purchased some gluten free cakes, raw foods cakes, and some cookies to eat in the Kensington Gardens, as a little picnic. This is quite a common thing to do on Sundays. The gardens are quite beautiful and if the weather is nice, you can sit and read the paper or a book, and enjoy the sun.

Gluten and Dairy free cupcake from Whole Foods
Gluten and Dairy free cupcake from Whole Foods

I really wanted to plan something fun for Sunday night that is kinda out of the ordinary, but really adventurous.  After some googling and Timeout checking, I discovered you can climb the 02 dome. Which for those who don’t know is an arena that houses some of the most famous music artists. Its 52 meters high, which represents the 52 weeks in the year. It had 12 posts holding up the tent, to represent the 12 months of the year. And it is 365m in size, to represent the days in the year. (Haha hopefully I have that all right, I did listen, but I have the memory of a fish, and I can’t be bothered googling it, haha yes I’m lazy, sowwwy).

Greenwich where the dome is has tons and tons of restaurants and cafes to eat at, so we made ourselves at home at TGI Fridays, for a few sneaky cocktails, followed by an all you can eat ribs and chicken wings at Spur. And mannn was it all so delicious. I have only recently discovered ribs, and I feel like an idiot for not trying them sooner. They are sooo freaking delicious! And here I was thinking when I used to waitress at the Robin Hood that only men ate ribs; boy oh boy was I wrong!!!

Sunset was creeping up on us and it was time to climb the dome.  Now I thought it was going to be quite an easy climb, cos I workout right, I’m fit, I can take on this little climb over a tent? WRONG!!! The incline is quite steep, and the tent bounces, (who knew). It was actually a lot more difficult to climb than I expected. But after the slow long climb, we got to the top, and they have this awesome viewing platform, where you can actually stop and take pictures of the 360 degree view of London.

Top of 02 Dome
Top of 02 Dome

Unfortunately for us, it was over cast (what a shock) but still it had some of the best views. And compared to the cost of going to the top of the shard and gherkin, climbing the dome is much much more fun. I highly recommend it!!!

So that basically ends the weekend of feasting. I needed a full week to recover, my butt is definitely not used to bike seats, and my tummy needs a little rest from tons of food. But I had a lot of fun acting like a tourist and seeing parts of London that I would not normally see.

Peace out for now

B xxx

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