Time Flies

So here we are, the three month mark. PHewww I made it!

Its been 100 days since I left Australia. And in that time I have managed to set up home in London. I had given myself three months to find a house to live, find a job, and to find settle into life.

So as you all probably know (from facebook or my mum) I now have a job, YAY!!! I started working two Thursday’s ago (20th June 2013) as the Team Executive Assistant. It’s a small office of around 14 staff, which is totally new to me. I haven’t worked in such a small office in years. It’s like a little family.

My office is located about 30mins via bus from home, and it’s in Belgravia, which is like three or so blocks from Harrods, and on the back corner of Buckingham Palace and the front of Hyde Park.

Ohhh and for those who don’t know, my house is located between Notting Hill and Paddington, so it’s central to most of London. And it’s quite a mixed ethnic area, so I can pretty much buy any type of foods I like from any country origin. Its freaking awesome!!!

So i’m pretty much living out my dream of London life. I drive past most of the cool and touristy sites every day, which is pretty sweet.

Ive also joined a gym which is about a 10 minute bus ride away, and it’s quite a good gym, not 24hours, which is kinda annoying and it doesn’t open till 6:30am. Which means no more gym before work 😦 So that’s been a bit of an annoyance, but I’m making it work for me, as you’d all probably guess.

Most of my free time is spent, going to food markets, or shops, and exploring more of London. So far my favourite place, as it was when I came here last year, is: WHOLE FOODS!!! Seriously the most amazing place on earth for any type of foods you want. It’s quite expensive, so I’m trying to limit my visits to once a week, hahah. I’ll get better with this one in time.

Since the weather has been nice for the past few weeks (over 25 degrees most days), I’ve bought a Barclays bike membership and have decided to start riding home. Its only around 5km, and its mostly through Hyde Park, so its quite a nice ride home. And not too strenuous. It takes the same amount of time to get to the bike station, ride home, drop the bike off and walk 1.5km home, than it does to catch the bus home. So i figure the exercise and good weather is better for me.

So thats generally my every day life here……..

Peace out for now Bxxx

2 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. I’m so envious! I would love to move to London and live there for a while. Shame my degree is non-transferrable. Great blog. 🙂


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