London: the home to free stuff

One of the great things about life in London is that there is always something to do or something to see that is totally free (except maybe the travel ticket). And over the last few weeks I’ve taken advantage of some great events.


Hyde Park

So during summer, London has this festival that is held in Hyde Park (British Summer Time) and it has a ton of world famous singers and bands playing, usually Friday through Sunday. Tickets range from £29-£80. And being the poor person I am (haven’t had a pay day since March) I decided groceries were probably more important than the Rolling Stones.

Anyhow, for those who have been to Hyde Park, its quite massive and this festival was only sectioned off by tall barriers. So, my housemates and I decided to pack a picnic and camp out the front of the festival. It seems we weren’t the only ones with that idea. The front of the gates were designed for freeloaders, with bathrooms, and areas patrolled by police. With our wine, the sunset and Bon Jovi playing in the background, it was a pretty amazing night.

Although I didn’t get to see Bon Jovi, I could still hear him pretty clearly, and loud enough that we could sing along. Getting home from Hyde Park with another 10-15,000 people was a nightmare, and I’m still getting used to crowds, not sure I like them anymore than I used to. But I’m getting better at pushing through them.


Tower Bridge on the day of the Wimbledon Final

As you all are probably aware Wimbledon tennis tournament was on a few weeks ago. And tickets to see the event were really difficult to get hold of, so I didn’t even try. BUT the final seemed like a good idea to head out into London and find somewhere to soak up the sun and watch the match.

Tower Bridge had a big screen and a bar set up, so what could possibly be better than watching the finals in front of a London icon. It seemed everyone in London had the same idea. The place was packed full of half naked people pretending it was the beach and basically sun baking. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Just on a side note, whats with the British people and taking off their clothes in public when the weather goes about 20 degrees? Its never appropriate to walk down the street shirtless, unless its on the beach, let alone ride your bike through Hyde Park in nothing but your underwear. Honestly!

So after we found a small patch of grass to actually sit down on, we were hundreds of feet from the actual screen, and a million bodies were between us and the screen. So we actually didn’t get to see any of the match, unless we stood on our tippy toes and strained our necks. Even then the glare from the sun, prevented us from actually seeing the score.

BUT it was still an amazing atmosphere, and when Andy won the game, the crowd went wild, and it was such a good thing to be apart of.

With soo many free events on all the time, its super hard to keep up, but I don’t think i’ll ever get bored living here.

Peace out for now,


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