The Joys of London Life

Governors House @ London Tower

WhooHoo!!! What better way to spend a Friday than playing tour guide to a group of women from all over Europe……… Man I love my job!!!

London Tower

My work held a conference in London on Friday for an association that has members from all over Europe, and due to the location of London they bring their partners along too. So my job was to assist one of my work colleagues for the day, showing a bunch of foreigners around the city, and i classify myself in that foreigner group, hehe i was talking more pictures than them.

Entry to the Crown Jewels

First stop was the Tower of London. We had a wonderful guide with us, and she was super informative. I don’t know much about English history, and for that matter any history. So it was nice to be able to imagine where the be-headings took place, hehe. After walking around the courtyard we headed into see the Crown Jewels. Sadly no photography could be used inside, but boy oh boy are the royals over the top extravagant. The jewels are shiny, and glittery and look like they weigh a ton!!!

Tower Bridge (20.09.13)

On-wards to Tower Bridge. I quite like this bridge, its pretty and has nice blue features. With the right sky in the background, it photographs so well. We made the trek up the lift up to the viewing platforms, where they have build a walkway between the pylons. I was a little disappointed you can’t actually go out doors and see more, its quite encased, and it was very warm in there. But the views were still quite magnificent.

Salmon and Vegetables @ OXO Tower

By this stage i was starvin marvin, so a bus picked us up and whisked us away to the OXO Tower for a lovely three course meal and a beautiful view of London. The OXO Tower Brasserie, is quite fancy, and the atmosphere is amazing inside. It has very stark white features inside to not distract from the views you get from the entire glass walls. The meal here was delicious and they catered so well to my “issues”.  I had a roast pumpkin salad with almond crumble and Salsa Verde for an entree. And it was heavenly, i just wished there was more of that almond crumble, it was to die for. For a main i had roasted vegetables with grilled salmon, and i forget the sauce, but again this was cooked beautifully and really completed the glass of wine i was drinking, hehe. And then the desert!! Berries with passion fruit. The perfect way to end the meal.

View from OXO Tower

With a full tummy we set off. I had already experienced so much of London that i hadn’t seen before, BUT the best was yet to come. We made our way to the SHARD, and up the 69 floors to see the most amazing view of London. The weather was superb and allowed us to see all the iconic sights; the London Eye, Tower Bridge, London Tower, Big Ben, Westminster, and you could catch a glimpse of Buckingham Palace. If you’re ever in London, the Shard is a must see!

View from the Shard!

Well that concluded my sightseeing day, and man was it an amazing way to spend a Friday at work. I really am lucky to have been able to be a part of that conference, and i will definitely be volunteering for such events in the future, hehe.

Selfie at the Shard

Peace out for now


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