Parents: Portobello Road, Wholefoods

I’ve been living in London for almost 190 days, and boy oh boy has that time flown. It feels like just yesterday my parents told me they had planned to visit. Thankfully, being the organised person I am, I had the entire 10 days planned out ready for them to see everything I find interesting in London. And that basically means, I made reservations at all the restaurants I’d been dying to try, haha. Of course I think with my stomach first.

There is nothing quite like seeing your parents in real life, after only seeing pixelated versions of their faces via Skype for a few months. So I was dying for work to finish so I could race to their hotel and meet with them.

As I turned the corner of the street of their hotel I could see mum’s beaming face. There was loads of excitement in everyone’s faces.

Okay so onto the fun things we did!!!


Mum & Dad @ Portobello Road

Mum was very eager to see Notting Hill and the Portobello Road Markets. Having seen Notting Hill the movie she was expecting something much different to what she actually experienced. For those who haven’t seen Notting Hill, let me set the scene. Portobello Road is this peaceful beautiful area of London, where the beautiful people hang out, and you can browse and stroll along the cute coble stoned streets, drinking coffee and window shopping in bookshops! Sounds absolutely amazingly perfect, right?

Don’t worry I was fooled too!

Welcome to Portobello Road, a 5-6 m wide road, filled with hundreds, no THOUSANDS of people with cameras, and prams, and kids, and stopping in the middle of the road for no reason. Stall holders selling the same old junk you see around Oxford Circus. The odd stall releasing the sweet sweet smell of delicious foods, however there were too many people crowded around to actually see what you are smelling.

Browsing some scarves

So after what felt like a lifetime of dodging and weaving, losing each other, and stopping briefly to try and see a stall, we made it to the top of Portobello Road, and no oh no does it stop there. Notting Hill on a Saturday morning is AWFUL! So many people. Not sure if you’ve picked this up about me, but I’m not one for crowds and pushing my way through narrow streets. I like to stick to places that are off the beaten track.

Finally we managed to get away from the crowds and find our way down a slightly quieter street for lunch.

The Churchill Arms


Walking down Kensington Church Street with a growling tummy is no fun, until you spot the ever so magnificent Churchill Arms. This pub is definitely a sight. I’ve never seen so many flowers on a building in my life. They are everywhere; I mean how do they even water all of them.

A few happy snaps later, and we are seated inside this pot plant, where the decor is just as flowery as it is outside. It feels like you are sitting in a greenhouse. There are flowers and pots and all type of living plants everywhere. And for such a style pub, you are served Thai food. Amazing Thai food at that!

Inside the Churchill Arms

This was a nice place to rest our weary and worn out bodies, ready for the greatest place on earth……..


Checking out the chocolates!

A trip to London and South West in particular isn’t complete without a stop by Wholefoods, basically my happy place. Taking mum and dad to Wholefoods was risky as they aren’t foodies, quite like me. But oh man did they embrace it. Particularly my dad! He felt at home, exactly how I always do. It was great to have him enjoy this place as much as me.

So after a thorough guided tour, we managed to escape with only one item each. A successful trip nonetheless.

Coming up NRL Grand Final and High Tea 😀

Peace out for now


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