Parents: NRL Grand Final, High Tea

So for those who know me, know I’m pretty awful at team sports, and I don’t have the attention span to stay focused for long enough to watch an actual game of sport on TV. However, being an Aussie, this changes when your dad wants to watch a game, particularly in my case a game of NRL, especially when the Roosters are playing. For that 80mins, plus the half time minutes, and the pre-match junk they play, I put aside my attention span and manage to sit there, and pretend I know the rules of the game, and actually end up enjoying the game.

Heaven knows why my dad would organise a holiday to come to the other side of the world when his team is playing in the grand final. But he did. And my task was to find somewhere to take him to watch the game……….


Shepherds Bush Walkabout

The Walkabout is a chain of aussie pubs, that tend to have a reputation for rowdy, drunk, flanny and thong (flip flops, not the underwear version, lol) wearing aussies, drinking far too much beer. However with limited knowledge of where a pub would be streaming the NRL at 9am on a Sunday, this seemed like the best option.

Upon finding out this would be the last day of trading at the Shepherd Bush Walkabout, it was advised to get there early. So 7am Sunday we head off to Shepherds Bush Walkabout, and to our surprise there were people already there lining up. By the time the game started at 9:30am, the place was packed to the rafters and almost everyone was drunk already. There were chicks buying jugs of beer with raspberry for themselves. I wasn’t sure if I should feel proud to be an Aussie, or ashamed……….

Crowd @ Walkabout

Anyways the game went on, and the atmosphere made the game all that more fun and exciting. And minus a few issues with visible viewing of the screen, dad had a great time, and was rather excited for the Rooster victory!!!!

Mum on the other hand…….. Could not wait to get out of the place! Haha



So not only did mum and dad organise their holiday around the NRL grand final match, they also made sure that mum could celebrate her 50th Birthday with her one and only amazing daughter, ME!!!

I had organised for the three of us to go to a cute cake shop that does gluten and dairy free high tea.

Mum drinking her tea

The shop was super cute inside, and had teacups and floral table clothes, and lace, and dollies everywhere, dad felt right at home, haha. They had over 15 teas to choose from, so many different varieties. Dad didn’t enjoy his ‘perfume’ water, lol, but mum and I had a great time sampling a few different flavours.

Gluten and dairy free treats

FOOD TIME!!!! And boy oh boy was I surprised to find I had my own little tower of gluten and diary free deliciousness. It started with egg, and cucumber sandwiches on the bottom, followed by scones with jam and butter, followed by an almond and raisin cake, and finished with a cupcake and chocolate coated strawberries. DELICIOUSNESS!!!!

Dad being all fancy and drinking tea with his pinkie up

I was chock-a-block full after this, and lucky for us, the train line was closed (-_-) so we had to walk most of the way home. Although this did allow my digestive system time to work its magic on all the yummy foods.

And the most important thing was mum had a great time, and dad also tried new things.


So all in all Sunday was a success! Mum dealt with drunks at the footy, and dad drank tea with his pinkie up 🙂

Next up: Happy 50th with a view and Fancy dinner

Peace out for now….


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