Parents: Duck & Waffle and the Ritz

So the day was upon us. Mum’s 50th Birthday!!!! Dad and I had been organising for months what we were going to do on this day. We wanted it to be special in every way.

Cupcakes @ Selfridges

We started the day with a lovely ride on one of the London buses, (yep mum was thrilled with that, haha) on route to Selfridges.

The food hall at Selfridges is amazing, another place I could spend hours in, browsing all the food. After ogling all the food, we settled for coffees and of course a birthday cupcake for mum.

Next stop on the MUM birthday train was Duck and Waffle!! And boy oh boy was I looking forward to this. I had found this place during a Google search and have been dying to go since. The main attraction to this restaurant was the location and the strange, yet delicious items on the menu.

Duck and Waffle

I had misread the emails and the internet site and thought the restaurant was on the 4th floor. Weren’t we shocked to find the restaurant was actually on the 40th floor!!! The lift was a glass elevator and was like the one out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory, it was pure madness.

Lunch with a view @ Duck and Waffle

Arriving at Duck and Waffle I had organised in advance to have a special table for mum’s birthday, and I had no idea they would give us a front row seat to the amazing view of London. The hostess walked us through the restaurant to the most amazing table. It looked directly out onto the amazing London views.

Mum was most impressed! We ordered practically everything from the menu, and my highlight was bacon wrapped dates, and beetroot with honeycomb and feta cheese. Soo much yum!! The serves was quite amazing and as a special treat the restaurant had bought out a little dessert with a candle for mum! The whole experience was incredible. Dad and I were worried how we would top this for dinner!


Dinner was a surprise for mum, and she had no idea where we were headed, her only instruction was that she had to wear something nicer than the local pub, FANCY!!!

So we threw mum in a cab in her fancy clothes, and whisked off to the dinner venue. She had no clue even when we drove through the streets of London. Even when we drove past the venue, she still had no clue.

It wasn’t until we pulled up to the front door of the venue and got out of the cab and she asked, “Is it the RITZ!!” Oh yes mum it is! We are FANCY tonight.

Mum & I @ The Ritz

I’ve never been to the Ritz and I had no idea what to expect. Were the bogan Kearl’s going to be fancy enough for this place, and would dad even eat the food?

As we walked through the hotel lobby and through the high tea area, we were excited and yet stunned at all the gold and floral, the place was dripping in fancy. We made it to the restaurant and were seated at an oval table towards the back of the restaurant, where we could people watch, whoohoo! I love to people watch, especially the rich!

Dinner started with wine, and breads, and then starters, and then mains, and then dessert and then petite fours. Man, the food was delicious, and even dad loved every bite, and even drank Champagne. Mum got to feel like what the queen feels every time she dines!

The Ritz

The food was basic in idea, however fancy in presentation. It was worth every penny.

I had an amazing day, and I know mum did too.

Peace out for now…..


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