Christmas time in Brussels

I’ve been to Brussels a few times now, and what’s not to love; chocolate, delicious fresh waffle aroma filling the streets and beautiful architecture. This time there were promises of chocolate tasting, but Christmas markets and mulled wines were on offer.

Christmas tree in Grand-Place

Being my first Christmas away from the heat, I am very very excited to experience the typical winter Christmassy things. I have visions of it being exactly like in the Christmas carols and Christmas cards. And Brussels did not disappoint.

Everywhere you turn; there are Christmas lights, a never ending row of stalls selling everything from mulled wine, and beer, to waffles, and stoemp, to wooden tree decorations. The streets filled the people of all ages, rugged up in beanies, mittens and scarves, sipping warm drinks, or downing delicious street foods.

Ice Rink

I had been to the chocolate factory before and knew it was going to be difficult to resist sampling EVERYTHING! This time I was determined to not be sick after the experience and just enjoy the delicious chocolates to a sensible limit. Heheh yea right!

Neuhaus was packed. Sooo many people bringing their kids, grandparents, cousins, friends, to feast on free chocolate samples. When you enter the store all you can smell is that sweet sweet cocoa smell, mixed with hints of fruits and nuts. I held back and didn’t dig into the first open box of chocolates I saw. I looked around and carefully selected what I wanted based on the few words I could actually read on the boxes and how well the chocolate was presented. This worked for a little while, but then lust and greed took over and well Bec is not in charge then. All I wanted was more, and more chocolate. I knew it was time to leave. So I grabbed a handful of caramel slivered almonds and went outside to wait for my friends. Hahah I will win the battle next time, NEUHAUS, next time!!!

Tea time

Next stop we were onto lunch! WHOOHOO!!!!

There is a cute and popular fish shop, where they have no seating, you stand and eat your food around tables. It’s an odd concept to me and seems kinda barbaric, but I’ll roll with it. The food was DELICIOUS. The tuna steak was cooked amazingly, the last time I had tuna steak my mum cooked it, and it was possibly the worst meal I’ve ever had, hahah poor mum! But this was the perfect kinda of tuna, it melted in your mouth. I also tried razor clams/shells which i’d never had before, they were also super tasty. It could have been that I was freezing my ass off, but everything tasted amazing!!!

Seafood lunch

I didn’t know or realise that the Smurfs were written and based in Brussels. Should have guessed as it’s the comic capital of the world. And as you walk around you can see street art of different comics. And in this cute little courtyard there is a massive sculpture of a Smurf sitting on a toadstool. Its soo cute.

We spent the rest of the weekend indulging in mulled wine, mulled apple and cinnamon cider, wine, chocolate, sweets and Belgian foods. I think I’m going to love this whole winter Christmas…..


Peace out for now….


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