Berlin- better late than never….

Berlin is one of those places where you instantly feel the need to get naked and run through the streets.

965907_10151589834162070_1345312581_oWell okay, so maybe not naked, but I feel a sense of freedom in this city. When I visited last time in 2012, I was overjoyed with the feeling of being free, living like a hippy.  Careless and free!!! I just feel so relaxed and at peace in this city, which is rather nice, especially after the dense history of this city and Germany in general.


So this trip I was  excited, not only to see some of the sites I’d missed last time,  but this time I was going to Sauvage for dinner.


For those who don’t know, Sauvage is the first restaurant in Europe to serve and only serve food that is Paleo friendly. This means that absolutely EVERYTHING on the menu I can eat!!!! For those who have ever tried to cook for me or eat out at restaurants with me, know this NEVER happens. Being able to order anything I like is pretty much my dream.

Okay, so the trip to Berlin was going to be a long one. We would drive from Brussels, which should have taken us around 7hours. Needless to say roadworks are even worse over here than in Canberra. And I have never seen soo much traffic in my life, four lanes of bumper to bumper cars for kilometres. It was seriously an experience I was not prepared for. We spent over 10 hours in the car driving to Berlin -_-

977226_10151589847942070_348864605_oThere is no speed limit on the Autobahn, only a lower limit (which I can’t remember, I think it’s around 110), which is super freaking scary. The was one moment where I got to experience exactly how effective the European cars are at travelling at super fast speeds, needless to say, I never want to go that fast, EVER again!

So after a loooong drive we were finally in Berlin and I was ready for my dinner at Sauvage 😀 It was everything I’d thought it would be, and more. We went all out and ordered a three course meal, each ordering something different so I could try it all!!! It was one of the most amazing dinners I’ve ever had. If I lived in Berlin I would eat here every night. Our entrées were served with Paleo breads, and the dessert apple crumble and chocolate pudding were sugar free. The whole experience was amazing!!


Berlin has a ton of fun places to see, some cool museums, and lots of history, but they were really nothing compared to the food I ate, hehe. We practically ate our way through the town, sourcing out any place that served meats, meats and more meats, and let’s not forget the sausages, hehe. The German’s definitely know how to cook their meats. Even the fast food at the local mall was still had one of the most delicious Bratwurst I’ve eaten.

Frozen yogurt is another tasty treat they do well in Berlin. I remember last time I was there I stumbled across an opening of a new yogurt chain that had rows and rows of mix ins, that you were in charge of adding your yogurt, which is quite dangerous as you paid based on weight. So you are in charge of your own deliciousness, winning!

So between all the foods, I actually did some sightseeing, Promise!

976967_10151589834357070_787053520_oThe first time I visited  I saw the Berlin Wall, the Holocaust Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate, and I went on a walking tour that showed places Hitler had been, and where he was eventually killed, and showed us the Hotel Aldon where Michael Jackson famously dangled his kid over the balcony. So I wasn’t too keen to do all that again. This time I wanted to see some of the museums, and the other landmarks.

We headed to Alexanderplatz to start our little tour, starting with the Berlin Television Tower (Fernsehturm) which you can see from practically all over the city. It’s just a huge tower, much like all the other television towers in other cities, it’s worth a look, but I wouldn’t go out of our way to see it.


I forget the route we took to see the rest, so in no order; Charlottenburg Palace, Museum Island, the book burning memorial at Bebelplatz (this is quite a cool sight, you look down into a room under the pavement, which holds around 2,000 books which represents the books the Nazi’s burnt), Church of Mary, Neue Wache Memorial (a memorial for the victims of war), I saw a ton more just walking around the city.

336303_10151589838122070_576076425_oI unfortunately didn’t get to experience too much of the nightlife. I went to a few cool bars, and drank a few too many cocktails, but no warehouse parties, or clubs. Maybe next time!

The drive back to Brussels from Berlin was a nightmare. It made the trip down seem like a picnic. Overall we spent over 12hours in the car……. it was the worst. Honestly I thought road works were the worst driving home to my parents in Aus, this was 1,000,000,000 times worse.


Next time for sure flying..

Peace out for now


P.s. all my reviews of the restaurants I visit are on my yelp page here -> 

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