Luxembourg; the country of castles, and relaxation

I don’t know about you, but my geography is awful. Like the worst ever. Pretty sure I blanked that entire part of my schooling out. That and history have been filed away into the black hole. So when my friend suggested we go visit Luxembourg, I obviousllux 2y wanted to go, I’m not one to turn down going somewhere I’ve never been, but I had assumed it was a city, not a whole country. Though in my defence its one of the smallest countries in Europe. You can drive from one side of the country to the other in around an hour.

So looking for a hotel for the night was actually pretty fun. You see Luxembourg is a business country, and the city of Luxembourg (yep its capital has the same name, just to confuse you more) is pretty quite on the weekend. So you have all these 4-5* hotels fully booked during the working week, yet empty on weekends. The hotels then offer super amazing deals on their weekend rates. So one night in a 5* hotel becomes easily affordable. WINNING!!!

We set off on Saturday morning from Brussels and after a short 2 hour drive we reached Luxembourg! First stop, COFFEE of course!!! We went to a cute little coffee shop called ‘Golden Coffee’. They had an amazing variety of coffees, tons of different milks and flavourings. I settled on a soy almond coffee and boy oh boy was it delicious!

Next stop, the Cathedral of Notre Dame. I’ve never been one for churches until moving to Europe. The churches here are amazing. They are pretty with their stained glass windows, and their huge alters. This one is no exemption to rule. But this one also had a crypt down underneath. You couldn’t really see much, but the outside was still a site to see with lion statues guarding the entrance.

Now onto LUNCH!!! We found a pretty busy restaurant in the main square of Luxembourg City………. It was crazy overpriced and not really that amazing. I guess it’s what you’d expect to find in the centre of town in most places, tourist traps.

After lunch it was time to explore more. We ventured off to look around the ruins of the old tunnels and stone built wall. It’s quite cool that parts of the tunnel are still around, and you can walk around them. You’re basically walking around inside the mountain. You can see out of a few windows ever few metres.

eleAs you walk around the village of Luxembourg you are surrounded by statues of elephants, each one painted differently. It was for a project to bring public awareness to the practices of killing elephants in Asian countries. They were all pretty cool, and each had their own little theme.

Exhausted and ready for a rest, it was onto the hotel. And boy oh boy was I looking forward to this. 5 Star heaven, here I come.

The hotel was situated out of town a little bit, and was decked out with some awesome artwork. It oozed fancy. When we arrived at the room, I was blown away. My entire house could have fitted in the room. It was HUGE!! The bed was also as big as two double beds; it was like being in a movie. I’d never experienced anything like it before.

Once I started to relax into the bed, I knew there was no way I was leaving the hotel for the night, even for food. Luckily the hotel was decked out with an amazing restaurant on premises. So I peeled myself away from the comfy bed, and trekked down for some dinner.

The restaurant didn’t have a whole lot of ambience, but the menu enticed me. We settled on an entrée of scallops with raspberries to share, and then a delicious chicken main meal. However the star of the night was the dessert, a delicious serving of sorbet with edible flowers. Although this was probably on the high end of the price range, the meal and the wine was worth it. food

Also to note the hotel had the best breakfast I’d had in a long time. Soo much to choose from. And the best part was actually in the room, where we had our very own coffee maker, SCORE!!!

All in all I love 5 star hotels, and boy do I wish it was in my price range every time I travelled.

Once breakfast was done, it was time to discover the local castle. As we drove along, I had no idea what to expect, and I didn’t expect it resemble a Disney movie.

The castle was amazing! It was situated on top of a hill, and it was a bit of a climb to get up to it, but it was soo worth it. I felt like I was in a movie, it was more than I’d ever imagined. We don’t have anything like this back home, and I have seen quite a few castles now, but they still blow me away every time.

I’ve put the one in Germany on my bucket list; I must see that one before I leave….lux

So that was Luxembourg, the city and country of luxury.

Note: Yes, yes, yes I am lazy, I will learn one day. This post was started over 8 months ago, eeep, Told you I’m bad at this. So things and comments are things I’d written in the past.

Peace out for now….


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