IMG_20130826_185353[1]Okay, Okay, we all know it. I am lazy when it comes to updating this blog. SORRY!! I will try and be better. I’m on a mission now to try and get all my trips on here before they are a year after actually happening. Can I do it??? Hmmmmm, let’s just say I wont be putting money on me.

Some of the yummy foods


Right, so on to Dublin.

There is so much to say about Dublin. Basically I spent 4 days in August 2013 venturing around Dublin, taking in the sights, and filling my plate with delicious foods.

As per usual, the trip was planned around where I was going to eat. This was proving quite difficult, as there seemed to be more places I wanted to eat at, than meal times. But don’t you worry, I worked a way around this issue.



Dublin is quite a cute town with tons of historic buildings, and plenty of cool landmarks to see. There are plenty of cathedrals to see, St Patrick’s and Christ Church were the two most notable ones. They were quite picturesque with the gardens surrounding them, and the over cast day, made them even prettier to photograph.

Dublin has some cool stories, and songs that outline the history of Ireland. Molly Malone is one, whether the song is based on the real Molly who lived during the 17th Century, or not. Its still a pretty cool statue to see. As is the Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship, which sailed during the time of Famine. Quite impressively, Jeanie never lost any crew or passengers during her voyages.


The Temple Area of Dublin, is another cool place to see. There is tons of pubs, practically one every few metres, and not just any ordinary pubs, but ones with music, singing and dancing busting out of the seams. Street performers, also lined the coble stone roads, and played some of the most amazing tunes. It was really quite fun, and exactly how I thought my homeland would be.

IMG_20130826_142552[1]Dublin is filled with students, and one of the major tourist sites, is the Trinity College and the Book of Kells. The Trinity College is one of the oldest colleges in Dublin, and is home to the largest library in Ireland, which is home to the book of Kells. I believe even some of Harry Potter was even filmed here, in the long room, which is pretty cool.

View from Guinness Storehouse
View from Guinness Storehouse

What is a trip to Dublin without stopping by the Guinness Storehouse? This place is set up like an amusement park. You basically start in the bottom of the tower, and work your way up through the levels, finding out how, and what goes into making the perfect Guinness. Your ticket even entitles you to either a free Guinness in the bar at the top, or you can learn how to pour the perfect Guinness. Not being a beer drinker I decided to just go to the top of the tower and see the view. And boy is it impressive! You can see most of Dublin.

Now that the sights are out of the way, let’s move onto my favourite part……

Bobo's Burgers
Bobo’s Burgers


First stop was for burgers and Bobos. These were the most amazing burgers, I’ve ever had in my life. I still dream of these creations. Being gluten free, burger places that sell gluten free buns are hard to come by. But at Bobos, they serve the burgers gluten free by using lettuce leaves in place of the bun. So I could eat any burger on the menu, winning!!! The meat patties were so deliciously amazing, and all the fillings went together perfectly. It was a burger heaven. We ended up eating there twice during our stay, that’s how amazing they were, and I’d definitely go back to Dublin, just for these burgers.

Yamamori Sushi
Yamamori Sushi

Another favourite food of mine is sushi, and Yamamori Sushi was the perfect place to feed this addiction. The sushi was so fresh and delicious, the salmon and everything we sampled was amazing. I haven’t had sushi as good since. Let’s put that down as another reason to go back to Dublin.

Vegetarian, vegan and raw food cafe’s draw me in for their delicious foods, and organic wines, and amazing desserts. Dublin again was no different. Corncuopia was a cafe which prides itself on their selection of vegetarian dishes. They offer a great selection of organic, sulphate free wines, which were super tasty. I can also recommend their raw food desserts. They were nothing short of delicious. I did come back here for breakfast on our last day, and their coffees with almond milk, were super amazing.

Across from Cornucopia is a cute all natural gelato place. The owners were there the day we went in, and they explained how they made the products. The sorbet was completely dairy free, and made with fresh fruits. I couldn’t not try them. Two scoops coming right up.

The Brazen Head
Lastly, after all the vegetarian foods it was only natural to feast on pure protein. The Brazen Head, was a cute pub, with a cute old man bar tending, with cute chairs and tables, and even chairs made to be like horse riding saddles. The walls are filled with stuffed heads of beasts, not sure if the owner has killed these himself, but it added a nice edge the pub.
The menu was quite simple, and basically offered any type of meats, shredded, slow roasted, and baked. It was a carnivore’s dream.

Street Music
Street Music

So that was my trip to my home country, food with a side of sightseeing. I never imagined Dublin to have so much to offer. It has been one of the better foodie trips I’ve been on. I would definitely go back just for those burgers 🙂

Peace out for now….


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