New blog, who dis?

I’m back!!! Okay so I know it has been a while, like a few years, a few more grey hairs and a whole lot more experience, so here I am resurrecting the blog.
So why continue on with a travel and food blog from 6 years ago, why don’t I start a new one, you ask? Well I have OCD and I like things to match, and having a load of different social media accounts floating around in the dark web doesn’t sit right with my personality.

Will it still be travel and food focused? Life has changed and priorities have moved on. Food and travel will always have so much space in my heart, but there is also space for my other loves, and currently that involves planning weddings, settling into a beautiful home, and other adventures.

A quick life update, 5 years on…

I’m still living in London and I’m in my 4th flat in that time. I’ve gone from a 2bed flat to a larger house sharing with 5 others to now living with my partner in our first home together. I tell you going from a 5 person share house to just us in a whole house alone, has been like a dream. Combining your adult life with another person is HARD! We went from our own space into a single room for a year and half, it was really really hard. Like no one prepares you for that amount of compromise.

But we made it. We have a beautiful home together, which isn’t just a flat, its a feeling of home.

So I guess I missed a step, yes I now have a partner. We have been together for 3ish years and are marrying in September 2019, in not 1 but 4 separate parties. I’ll come to that in a different post. There is a LOT to share on that.
Work is work, and its paying the bills. I like my job most days and the other days I just get by. Work won’t really be something that will feature more on the blog.

I’m still seeing the world, albeit a little slower as saving for a flat and now a wedding has slowed down the travel budget, but I’m looking forward to adding the Maldives to my country tally of 35(ish), I think I need to recount. I lost track after the 30 by 30 goal was achieved. Will also post separately on that one.

That’s enough for a first post I think, keeping it short and sweet. I’m not going to lie, I’ve no idea what direction this blog will take, I just needed to flex my creative muscles and do something a bit different. So here’s to seeing what will happen next…..

Ohh and I changed the name of the blog, this seems more relevant to life right now.

Peace out for now….

D & I riding through London
D & I riding through London

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