Why I started drinking 3 litres of water a day…

I don’t know about you, but throughout the course of my life I’ve picked up how water can cure almost anything. Have a headache? Drink some water. Hungry? Drink some water? Skin feeling dry or tight? Have some water. Constipated? Have some water.

So with all this previous knowledge how on earth was I still not drinking enough water?

With the wedding right around the corner, I wanted to make sure I was looking in tip top condition. Not a different version of me, but a slightly glowier version. (Didn’t want D to think he was marrying a completely new person)

I was listening to a podcast (Dishing up Nutrition – Why is water… ) on what benefits water has to your overall health, yes I listen to nutrition podcasts a LOT! So I did know that the recommended intake of water for a female is 2.7 litres a day (3 for men), and I thought I was in that ball park each day.

But guess what? I was not.

Not even close, I was around 2 litres a day including all water drank during exercise (I don’t count coffee, or other drinks into the total amount). To track my water I used MyFitnessPal, it has a great function to track either glasses of water or millilitres.

I set a new goal of reaching 3 litres of water per day. I have 700ml drink bottles so chose to track in the mils option on my fitness pal, so every time I fill my bottle I input the details.

So what have I learned from this new goal?

  1. You really need to make an active effort to hit your target. It’s not easy to remember to drink, as you don’t “feel” thirsty, so there isn’t that reminder egging you on.
  2. That I need to a pee a LOT all day when I hit my goal. I can’t be too far from loo’s, which is super inconvenient.
  3. Carrying reusable drink containers around is much easier, so many more places offer to fill them for you. So there is no excuse for not hitting my goal.
  4. Sometimes you aren’t hungry, you are indeed thirsty. I snack a lot less between meals now.

After 3 months has my body changed?


  • Nails have started to grow longer, they have never looked so healthy, which is a great side effect for those wedding ring close ups 😉
  • Hair looks shiny and feels much smoother. The hardness of the water in the UK kills the natural oils and tends to dry my hair out, but focusing on working from the inside out has really helped bring out the natural shine
  • Skin – feels more hydrated and I have less breakouts event during my monthly cycle
  • Eyes – look much brighter
  • Energy – is maintained throughout the day, and I’ve actually managed to be more active during each day. I’ve added additional workouts to the week which always felt like a struggle in the past.
  • Workouts – are stronger and I get a lot more out of them
  • Appetite – I’ve felt fuller for longer, and haven’t snacked as
  • Digestion – TMI but I have never been so much more regular

Minus the regular loo breaks, the overall experience has been a pleasant one. I’ve even got my colleagues drinking more.

I encourage you to take on the challenge and drink more water. Grab a reusable bottle and start tracking that intake.

Have you added more water to your life? If so, what benefits have you noticed? Let me know in the comments.

Peace out for now



I understand my privilege from having easy access to clear and constant drinking water. I acknowledge that access to water is not possible for everyone everywhere. If you know of a good charity that uses almost all of its fundraising for providing water to places that need it most, please reach out.

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