Music is one of my greatest loves.

If I could live with constant music playing in the background of my life, I’de be one happy chappy.

Okay, so maybe I want to live in a musical, no I can’t sing, but this is my dream and I’m thinking BIG!

I love when Spotify sends me an update at the end of the year telling me how many hours I listen to music. Spoiler, it’s a LOT!

However when I’m not blaring Pink, Eminem or Ed Sheeran I’m a huge podcast addict. I just can’t get enough of them.

So I’ve compiled a list of my favourites below, in no particular order.

Hamish and Andy

This classic Aussie duo have been sharing their comedic friendship for years and have not only graced the sound waves, they have even made TV shows. Their ability to create a friendly and super hilarious podcast has been a dream to my ears. The only disappointment is that the show is only 45 – 50 mins long and published once a week.

My dad wrote a porno

In keeping with the comedy theme this podcast is a hoot! It’s about a guy who’s father has decided to write a dirty novel in his retirement, and instead of keeping this from the world, he gets together with his best friends weekly to read a chapter.

I honestly can’t explain to how funny this podcast is, I’ve had so many inappropriate LOL’s in public. Also quite fearful that my bluet tooth earphones wouldn’t connect and this dirty novel would be broadcasted out of my phone and into the tube during my commute.

This podcast comes parent approved, only because I downloaded it to my mums phone ready for her 24 hour flight back to Australia, haha she loved it.

Teachers Pet

I’m a huge fan of true crime podcasts and this is one of my favs. It is by the media outlet The Australian and is based on the real life disappearance of a mother of 2 young girls in the 80’s. The husband claims to not know anything of the disappearance, but also moves a 16 year old girl into the house 2 days after the mother went missing. Coincidence? I think not. The way Hedley Thomas recounts this story and his investigation is so intriguing, I was on the edge of my seat practically every episode. Hedley has even won some awards for this podcast and it received so much media attention that they actually reopened the case.

The entire catalogue of episodes has been removed for Australian listeners, as the main suspect has been taken into custody and charged with murder. The removal of the episodes means that he will receive a fair trial. Definitely add this one to your listening list, I can’t wait to see the result of the case.

Who the Hell is Hamish?

Staying with The Australian for this bute, another true crime podcast by a reporter for the same media outlet. But this story is about a man named Hamish who tricked people into giving him millions of dollars to play the stock markets. He basically stole millions from people all over the world and tricked multiple women into dating him. I won’t ruin this for you, but this one comes with an ending 😉

Someone knows something

I told you I love true crime podcasts. This one is by a Canadian reporter, and all the cases are based on Canadian missing people. There are 4 seasons, each with their own story. So this one is perfect for that long flight.

Season 1 is about a little boy who goes missing on a fishing trip with his family. Its quite sad, his body has never been found and there is no real leads.

Season 2 is about a young lady who vanished a few days after new years when live to air she agreed to marry her boyfriend.

Season 3 is hard to listen to, the remains of two men were found in the Mississippi river during 1964 and it took ages for them to be identified as they were black men, and it wasn’t a priority back then to investigate murders of coloured people. Its a sad listen, but a very good look into how history treated our coloured friends.

Season 4 is about a family who received a bomb in the mail, and it blew up when the father was opening the parcel. This poor family having to watch their dad die like this, its also a hard listen.


Probably the first podcast to introduce true crime investigation as a podcast. There have been 3 seasons of this one and I think most will agree that the first season was probably the best. Based on a young guy who was charged with the murder of his high school girlfriend. This case received a lot of media attention and has been reopened. But its definitely worth a listen, the reporter has a great way of independently looking at evidence.

There are a bunch of other true crimes that I listen to and abut aren’t quite as good as the ones listed above, however when you have run out of episodes above, check these ones out:
In the dark – 2 seasons
Running from Cops – 1 season
S-Town – 1 season

The Fitness and Lifestyle podcast

I also listen to a lot of fitness and nutrition podcast, but this is my go to. It’s a short one, averaging around 30-45mins per episode and there is a 5 year back catalogue of weekly content. The thing I like about Danny is that he is Australian, ha-ha not really, but its nice to hear the accent, it reminds of home. But Danny gives you no Bull sh*t advice and the truth about training and eating, and he speaks to like you are his friend. He also lives, breaths and promotes mental well-being, which is so important. He looks at health from a more holistic approach.

So that’s it, that’s what’s in my ears throughout the days, weeks and years.

What is your favourite podcast?

What should I add to my list?

Peace out for now

2 thoughts on “Podcasts

  1. Hi Bec, I have listened to and enjoyed most of those podcasts. It is interesting that the Serial case is still playing out in the courts and as for the Teachers Pet….hope he gets what he deserves. If you haven’t already listened to it, try Dirty John. They have also made a Netflix series out of it with Eric Bana. I’m currently listening to The Lady Vanishes…another Australian one where there has been some recent developments. I also enjoy Real Crime Profile. Enjoy, and good luck with all of the wedding festivities to come! Xx


    1. Hi Tracey, I must say I haven’t checked in on the Serial case lately, but the teachers pet one is very interesting and I also hope he gets what he deserved all those years ago.
      I have watched Dirty John and I felt sad as I really liked Eric Bana, but now I only see him as Dirty John. But boy is that a good reminder to be careful with who you are dating.
      Definitely going to check out Lady Vanishes.
      The wedding is coming around so fast. Feels like only yesterday we got engaged.
      Hope you’re well. xx


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