Wedding Update

A lot of my readers and family and friends and are probably just here for the wedding stuff, so here is a little update on our upcoming adventure.

I’m at the stage where if it’s not done yet, it probably won’t happen, haha. Am I over wedding planning? Yea a little. But we are getting down the wire now and somethings just aren’t as high on my priority list.

So for those who aren’t directly involved with my life, a little background to our insane wedding.

As mentioned in my life update intro, we are having 4 weddings, well more like parties. I’m very close to my family and it was very important to me that they could be involved in some way, all 67 of them. (Yes I have a huge family, and this is just including my mum’s side of the family). And D wanted the biggest celebration known to history, he wanted a big white wedding.

And as we all know love is about compromise. So I managed to convince him that we needed a few different celebrations to make sure our priorities are met.

The world tour sets off from London in mid-September, where we head to South Africa to meet with my family, D’s family and some friends, and we head to a game reserve. This will include safari rides, lots of relaxing, some bonding time between the two families, and most importantly the official ceremony.

At the conclusion of the week, we are hosting a reception for D’s friends who live in South Africa.

The very next day we are off to Australia where we will spend a week catching up with family and friends, rounding off the quick visit with a party for my tribe.

Two days later we head to the Maldives, just D and I. This will be a much needed break, hopefully we’re not just jetlagged messes by this stage, and we’re able to really enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The fun doesn’t end there, two weeks after we arrive back to London we are hosting our final celebration with our friends who have become family. Living so far from your own family, means your friends become a huge part of your life, and we didn’t want to leave them out.

So there you have it, I am planning 4 parties. Am I crazy? Yes, Yes I am.

There are many times that D and I don’t agree on some details, but a lot of things he is happy for me to lead on. Who knew D was so interested in cake designs?

I’m pretty sure he is treating the whole thing like a traveling road show, his greatest performance yet.  

We are fairly ready, and have all the important things in place. Except my dress, that’s still having alterations done, but will be ready a few weeks before we leave. Let me tell you storing a wedding dress in a 65sqm house is not an easy task, haha, so the tailors can have it as long as they need.

July was a big month for our poor credit card, we rinsed a lot of our savings paying some big key items. But we have our honeymoon finalised and all paid, which is a nice feeling. The resort looks incredible, I’m a little sad we only have 5 nights there, but it’ll be a once in a lifetime experience. Any time the planning gets overwhelmed I just focus on that beautiful clear water.

Flights are all booked, visas have been applied for (D needs a tourist visa to enter Aus), I have my certificate from the Aus government to say I’m not already married (ridiculous waste of £80), we have our rings, and that’s all you really need, right!

There are a few bits and pieces I haven’t figured out yet, like how on earth D and I are going to pack for 3 weeks away, four long haul flights, a wedding dress and a suit. Like who would pick to do this to themselves, haha.

But its getting very exciting and have only like 60ish days to get everything sorted, eeep!

Peace out for now


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