How to be active each day

Fitness is a huge part of my life and has been for majority of my life. Even was I was a little tubby kid I was always out and about playing all kinds of sports.

My after school activities ranged from swimming almost 5 days a week from a 5 year old till 13 year old, I played basketball, netball, hockey, little athletics, ballroom dancing, rock’n’roll, ballet and even country dancing. You name it and I did it. I guess attending all these activities helped us to make friends when we moved towns a lot.

And being so active stuck with me. I stopped playing team sports as I wasn’t really competitive enough as a teenager, I wasn’t lazy, I just didn’t have the drive to compete, and I also got a casual job. I wanted a car more than sports. However this is when I found the gym.

I’ve had a relationship with gyms since I was 17 years old, and I’ve always prioritised it when moving to a new place. I’m not sure what attracted me the most as a teen but as an adult its the only time of the day just for me. And I can’t be without it.

I’m a bit of a go to in my office to talk to about health and fitness and how to make small daily changes to help with lack of activity. So for those who don’t have the same excitement level of me when it comes to activity, here are some simple ways to add some cheeky activity to your day.

Candid shot me of me in the Australian bush, getting some muh needs fresh air

Lunch breaks

If you’re like me you probably eat at your desk most days. But this is a great chance for you to take a break and head out into the fresh air. Taking a 30 minute walk about the area you work in, will easily add a few thousand steps to your daily count and the fresh air will have you revitalised for the second half of your working day.

Also most places don’t pay you for your lunch break, so make sure you aren’t slaving away for the man too often.

Find your Groove

Gyms and organised workout classes may not be for you, and that is okay. There will be something out there that gets your heart racing and brings big smile to your face. So try everything!

There are so many new exercise options out there, Zumba, boxing, running classes, flykick, Pilates, barre… the options really are endless.

Some centres will offer pay as you go classes, and most will offer you taster sessions for a fraction of the cost, or if you’re feeling brave ask for a free trial session, to really see if you like it.

If you don’t have money to join a class or gym do not worry. Have a look at places like meetup to see what free activities are happening near you.


For a little while I was cycling to work, for a few reasons, its cheap, its faster than walking and I hate public transport in London. Its a joke! I prefer my own personal space than being crammed in tube with a hundred other sweaty people.

Cycling in London is easy with all the new cycle lanes, and the offer of pay as you cycle bikes. Most major cities are now fairly bike friendly. This is a great stress free way to get to work and will help with raising your heart rate.

Walking is also an option, I know a few people who walk large distances to and from work to avoid public transport, hah the joys of city life.


I’ve been using an app called Fitplan for a few months now and I love it! I thought dating a personal trainer would come in handy for help with my programming, it was never that easy, and often D and I would disagree on what I liked doing, haha. So finding a way to not have to think about programming and to not have to look for a new programme every 12 weeks was like a dream come true.

Fitplan is still fairly new to the market, they offer you a free trial and after that is is £72 a year. This gives you access to around 30+ different programmes which range from 6 -12 weeks. Within the programme you have daily workouts with videos and tracking to help you maximise the sessions.

I love it because I don’t have to think about the programme, I just show up and get my work done. I have now completed 3 fitplans, and there hasn’t been a session I didn’t like. I do have some free weekly access for anyone who is interested, just reach out.

Adding some activity to your day may feel like a chore to start with, but with small steps each day you will begin to notice some changes, and with those changes hopefully your motivation to keep going will kick in.

What are some ways you add activity to your day?

Peace out for now


Featured image by Form on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “How to be active each day

  1. I really really need to get more active! I always walk up the escalators at the tube and take the stairs at my station rather than the lift, but have got so lazy with motivating myself to exercise since I’ve started full time work – using my lunchtime to take a walk is a great idea. Becca x


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