Blogging goals

So when I started this blog I wrote down my goals, the first one was to blog every week.

And well this week I am on holiday and didn’t preplan so no post was ready for upload today. I know, I know, fail to plan is a set up for a plan to fail.

So here I am, sitting in an Italian coffee shop, busting out a post so I don’t fail within the first 3 months.

Most bloggers do tend to fail in the first 3 months and whilst I lasted longer than that during my Sweet Treats adventure, this time I wanted it to be different.

I had planned to write on the plane ride over to Italy, however for the first time in my life I rode business class, so the priority became eating the delicious meal they presented us during the 2hour flight. Even though it was a short flight, the business experience was still pretty fun. The air stewardesses treat you pretty amazingly, guess having money (or pretending in our case) gets you better service.

As you know, I’m not one to pay full price for most things, and flights are not where I splurge. We had some companion vouchers to use, and they are near on impossible to actually book. So when they became available for our flight to Bologna we jumped at opportunity, £100 for two return business class was a steal. We’re here for a wedding on Sunday in Tuscany so we had to fly anyways.

I’ll write a proper post about the Italian adventure and all our food experiences, sorry this isn’t one of those posts.

Number 1 coffee shop in Livorno

This is a weird post, haha basically writing a quick diary entry to the world so I don’t fail. Funny things about goals, you’ll make time for them when they are important. So I’m succeeding at that, and this blog is important to me.

D is feeling left out, I should get back to chatting with him. So this is my signing out, promise to be back next week with something interesting to read.

Peace out for now


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