Organised or OCD?

I’ve always been super organised, as a little girl I always had birthday book reminders, and odd little organiser books. I mean we had to keep track of out 1000’s of friends birthdays somehow.

I remember when I was starting high school, the local newsagents had these starter packs which would have all your books, pens, folders, and a diary. I finally felt all grown up, having a proper diary with months, and days listed, I now had a real reason to carry and write in such a thing, even if it was only to hold my homework due dates, lol.

So I guess you can say that is when my obsession with order and organisation really took off. What an exciting kid I was, hah.

Throughout my early life I always had an a5 calendar. Each year my mum would buy me the next women’s health. I really liked that one and it gave some of the proceeds to charity. I’ve had Filofax’s and desk calendars, I guess it made me feel like an adult writing my business and milestones down in a book I carried with me, like it gave me a higher level of importance in my otherwise normal life.

As time went on and technology changed I have since converted from a paper diary to an online diary, not only have I stopped there, but I now also use a range of online tools to help keep me organised. Each tool has its own purpose for order in my life, and enables me to keep track of my sh*t.

So what do I use?

Google calendar

I use the google calendar to track my personal life stuff. My work doesn’t allow us access to our work diaries through anything other than our iPhone or laptop. So annoyingly I have to keep those meetings separate, which drives me nuts. However the google calendar is pretty good and I like that you can group activities into different colours, haha I am OCD about quite a few organisational things, and this is one.

You can also add group calendars. This is really handy if you’re booking holidays with friends or have a family group who like to share their movements.

Google Keep Notes

This is like any notepad on electronic devices, it allow you to create different notes in one location, and the great thing about google is that you can access it on any device. I use Keep notes for grocery lists, it has a great checkbox function. I also use it to pre-write any long texts or emails so that I can edit it very easily before sending. I also use the voice note option, which is great when you are walking and you have a thought, this way I don’t walk into a pole, which I have seen way too many people do.


This is a new one for me, I’ve only been using it around a year. A colleague introduced me to it, and I’m absolutely in love. Trello allows you to create boards with different cards and each card can have items that you need to do. So with wedding planning I created 4 boards to keep track of where each one was up to. I also use a personal board to keep track of my daily to do lists, along with my blog ideas and Instagram topics. I have a shortcut on my home screen on my phone, so I can quickly check off what I’ve achieved for the day.

I also keep our weekly food plan on a board, and link through to the recipe for the meal we are eating that night. It has cut down so much time in preparing and cooking meals each day.


This is an app I use to programme my Instagram posts. It allows you to create you captions and insert hashtags really easily, you can also group your hashtags together, so you can quickly add them to the post. Talk about efficiency. You can schedule posts using this app, however Instagram doesn’t allow 3rd party posting, so it will just send you a reminder when it is time to post.

Those are just a few ways that I remain OCD about organisation. It has become apparent that I would be very lost without my phone, its apps and the internet. Such a millennial.

How do you keep organised?

Peace out for now,

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

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