Three week countdown

I’d intended to have an Italy wrap up this week, but have not had a lot of time to get something together that I was happy with, and I wasn’t going to publish some rubbish just to hit a goal.

Thursday 5 September, marked our three week countdown to getting married, but lets not forget I only have two more weeks till we actually leave London, EEEEP and boy has it been a crazy week.

Who knew RSVP’s could be so challenging?

Two of our parties had their dates close, which meant a week full of following up people’s invites. We had multiple people say they were coming but yet took some time to RSVP.

I thought having wedding websites was the easiest way to track our events, and I thought our guests would feel the same. We’d made the decision to keep costs down and try to save our environmental footprint (I know, I know we are flying everywhere, I’m working on trying to offset that impact) by not printing invites for all 4 events.

We used whatsapp and facebook to personally message our friends and invite them to our event, we sent the website link with the text. My thought process was that it was the same medium, it would be so simple and easy for people to keep track of. After all most of us are gen y and grew up with the invention of the internet.

But for some reason people still didn’t do it immediately. And I mean not everyone is organised like me, I get it. But to still drag heels after being chased, I wondered why?

I was talking to D about why some RSVP’s took so long. D is in the camp of leave everything to the very last minute and embrace the anxiety of whether or not he’ll get it done in time. And after speaking to some people it became apparent they expected to just show up.

Perhaps this is on us for having multiple events and casually referring to it as a party rather than wedding, maybe we gave the impression it wasn’t as important or as serious as if we’d called it a wedding.

Or maybe society has moved to a place where deciding last minute on an invitation has become the norm?!

I dunno. But as a bride and events organiser this has driven me nuts. I can’t plan for uncertainty. (#brexit is enough uncertainty for me)

Annoyingly this month is my busiest at work. Great timing! I seem to have nothing but problems in my inbox and it’s definitely adding to a stressful time.

But it will all pass and this time in three weeks I’ll be “an old married lady” which can you believe it, I’ve already been called ( ha ha thank mum, I still love you).

We still have a bit of work to do, like neither of us have written our vows, or decided on a catering for London. D also wants us to do some marriage prep work his parents have provided. So that should be interesting!

Also last night we had a look at some questions the South African government might ask us in our meeting. I will say the questions aren’t available online anywhere in advance, and being a developing country, you just never know what they could ask.

We ran through our favourite colours, and I’m like well if it’s clothes my colour is probably blue, if it’s home stuff I like red. And oh wait I also like purple. Ha ha good luck to him with that question.

We did get each others favourite foods correct though. Pizza for D and burgers for me, YUMMMM.

Next week I’m at a defence exhibition all week, which will be crazy. Then it’ll only be a few days to tie up all loose ends before we’re off. It really is down to the wire now.

Who knows when I’m actually going to get to pack, ahhhh!

My dress is bagged and boxed (travelling with a wedding dress has been a fun thing to google, I called each airline and I’m hoping what we’ve done will be adequate for each leg of our flights), so I guess in a way I have started packing, ha ha how’s that for positive affirmation.

You’re now all updated with my life, bet that was exciting for you. When the wedding is over and done with, you’ll start receiving life updates on how my cooking skills have/have not improved, that will have you wishing for more wedding stuff.

Do you RSVP right away, like me? Or are you more like D, and leave everything the last second?

What are your rsvp’ing experiences, share them in the comments?

Peace out for now


Photo: taken of D and I at a wedding in Italy last month

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