How I maintain a healthy lifestyle on the go

For the past week I have been at a huge industry exhibition, each day has been quite long and I’ve been onsite for breakfast, lunch and into the early evening. With the wedding only days away, there was no way I could move too far away from my usual routine.

So how did I keep up the habit of remaining healthy whilst being in a different routine?

I’ve always been one of those insane people who pack food with me everywhere I go. Like I’ve taken almonds to a wedding before from fear of being hungry, ha ha. I get super hangry, so this is more of a precaution to the people around me.

I have also taken protein bars and nuts on board long haul flights, as I’m always ravishing, and for some reason they don’t tend to fed you much. The flights between Australia and the UK usually only feed you a small dinner and breakfast per flight, which is not a lot of food for over 24hours travel time.

So this week has been no different to my usual pattern of taking food with me everywhere. Each day I have brought along my breakfast (berries with peanut butter and creamed cheese, hello peanut butter cheesecake), and just grabbed a spoon from the catering stand. I would normally bring cutlery with me, well at least a fork and spoon, however the show I am at is high security, like an airport, so it was best not to draw attention to myself.

I have also packed my lunch each day. We usually have left over’s from the previous night’s dinner, so today I have spiced sausages and cheesy zucchini, and again I’ll grab some cutlery from the catering station to eat it.

I also have a bag of almonds and a protein bar on hand if I need an afternoon pick me up.

What I’ve managed to do by bringing all my food with me, is to avoid bacon rolls every day, a daily sandwich lunch, and a constant stream of cake and cookies on offer. If I’d not been organised, or OCD I would have ended up eating all the fast energy releasing foods and would have ended up eating way more than I needed.

Every day has also seen glasses upon glasses of wine offered from around 15.00, thank fully I’d made the choice to cut out alcohol for the past month, so there is no desire to even consider a glass. Plus the wine would not have been worth the calories or the anxiety that follows.

My daily morning routine hasn’t changed too much, I’ve still managed gym each day, though I have missed my usual yoga classes, which I’m making up for on the weekend. So I’ll still hit those goals just in a different way.

Keeping on track doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does need some planning in advance. Fail to plan is a plan to fail certainly applies here.

Peace out for now


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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