How I maintain a healthy body whilst on holidays?

So I’ve been very bad with writing the blog over the last few months, I guess the wedding took over a lot of my head space.

However on the honeymoon we had a lot of time to chill and just reconnect with ourselves and of course each other. This blog was written a few weeks ago, so reading back, I’m even jealous of my past self, sitting in all that sunshine.

I’m currently sitting out on our sundeck at our water villa In the Maldives, finding inspiration from the wonderful views around me. I’m pretty pale, so I’m obviously in the shade, whilst D is soaking up the glorious rays.  

Yesterday whilst I was having a massage, I had a lot of thinking time. I can’t relax, I find it really hard to quieten my mind, which is why I do yoga during my normal routine. For some reason I’m able to focus for one hour in a class and usually keep my mind on the task at hand.

However having 3 weeks off yoga, I spent all of the massage working through my personal admin; what fitness plan am I going to start when I am back In London, what days will I get to the gym the week I am back, what diet are D and I going to following when we get back. The usual Admin that I do weekly to plan the week ahead. It usually only takes me 10 or 15 mins to plan when I’m at home. I like to plan, and that also includes our organising our weekly meals. So for an hour massage I was left with a lot of time with my thoughts. And it lead to thinking about the next blog post; what do I enjoy, what am I good at, what do I know about. 

Turns out I’d forgotten how much I enjoy talking and thinking about nutrition.

For those who don’t know me personally, I did study nutritional medicine and I have always been interested in how to fuel your body for health. I love helping others figure out what to eat and how to help them achieve their best health.

Obviously I’m not a dietitian so can’t prescribe or direct anyone’s nutritional needs, but I can encourage others to find what fuels their own personal health. 

With that in mind I wanted to share how D and I keep our nutrition in check whilst we are on holidays. 

We usually follow a low carb high fat (LCHF) eating plan with some intermittent fasting (I’ll do a 16:8 and D does 18:6, this is fasting: eating windows) when we are at home. We are strict during the week and will sometimes eat one high carb low fat meal on the weekend, after all my favourite meal is burgers.

The way this plan works for us is that our bodies tend to thrive on using fats as our energy source. Our bodies use all the sugars in the body as its first energy source, and then when carbs enter your body they are converted to sugars for energy, those that are not used as energy will be put into storage for when the body needs that energy. So what we are doing is cutting the quick release energy system by removing almost all carbs from our diets, so the body starts to use fats as its next preferred energy source. 

On holidays we are a little less strict, and those breakfast buffets scream to us. Hello croissants!

If breakfast is not included in our accommodation we will usually skip it, we’ll have a coffee, and sometimes I’ll have a Greek yogurt or piece of fruit or cheese. I get a little more hangry around 11am than D does. We’ll then push our lunch as far into the day as possible. We both do get hangry so coffee and no sugar soft drinks keep us sane. 

At lunch time we will usually eat somewhere local. We’re big foodies, so I’ve usually googled a place that we simply must eat at. And we will eat what we want, however I will always try and get some kind of salad or at very least a side salad. It’s really important for my digestive health to eat as many vegetables as possible, as I’ve been known to have Issues going to the loo on holidays one too many times. 

And then the same for dinner, we will push it as long as reasonably possible, and follow a similar structure to lunch, though at dinner we might also have dessert.

As you can see we don’t follow our usual eating plan, however we try and keep on top of the amount we are eating instead, and always, always have lots of vegetables. 

Another thing we try to do is keep our exercise top priority on our trips by working out weekdays only. I’m pretty terrible at this and get demotivated by lack of routine and struggle to make it work every holiday. D Is far better at making time for his exercise.

One activity we try to do, is go for a run around the city, it’s a great way to see all the sites whilst still being active. We’ve run around the Siene in Paris, Vltava in Prague, alone the coast in Livorno, and some really dodgy places in Brakpan, South Africa (don’t ask, ha ha).

By keeping pretty active we’re reducing our chances of undoing all our hard work leading up to our holidays. 

This trip though, I’ve been very slack, I think I’ve completed 2 hiit sessions and one yoga session in the almost three weeks we have been away. Though In my defence I got food poisoning on my first day in Australia, so didn’t really eat for that whole week. Sadly I didn’t get to try any of the food at our wedding in Orange, though I head it was delicious. 

And since being in the Maldives we’ve tried to stay active by snorkelling each day, and doing some kind of water sport, today it was paddle boarding, which was so much fun. I definitely recommend that. We’re on an all-inclusive package, though have not eaten nearly as much as we would normally as it’s just too darn hot. Currently Its 29 degrees, feels like 34 degrees and 76% humidity, I just cannot get enough water into me. Which leads me to my last tip. 

As you know from this post, I drink 3 litres of water a day, and being on holiday is no different. I still try and get as much as I can, if I’m working out, or sweating more, like we are here, I will try and get a bit more than 3 litres. Water is the best source of keeping your body healthy, so being on holidays should be no different. 

But the most important thing is have fun. Don’t beat yourself up over eating whatever you like and not moving as much as you usually do, the holiday will end and you will get back to your routine and back into your best health in no time. So just enjoy the moments for what they. This is definitely something I have to work on every time we go on a holiday. 

A quick recap 

  • Skip breakfast
  • Eat lunch as late as possible
  • Eat lots of vegetables
  • Move your body 
  • Drink lots of water
  • Have fun

Peace out for now


Photo: I’m a sucker for a tripod selfie

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