How I gained 30 minutes back in my day

Recently D and I signed up to Abel & Cole, which is the organic vegetable delivery service. We were sucked into a sales demonstration at a food festival in London. They got us when we were filled with delirious foods, and tipsy with superb gin cocktails. So of course we were ripe for the picking, hah.

But turns out our tipsy full past selves were looking out for us, as each week we get a selection of seasonal vegetables delivered right to our door. The food is super delicious, and some of the vegetables I’ve never even considered buying, its forcing me to think outside the box.

Medium vegetable box

Do you know how to peel board beans?

Well I do now, and let me tell you, I’m not sure it was worth the 30 mins prep time, hah, we ate them in literally 10 mins.

The ease of having our organic items delivered straight to our door reduced the need for us to go to the store, however we were in a terrible pattern of buying our food each day. Which stemmed from our house sharing days, when we only had one tiny fridge shelf and cupboard to store our food. So we became LAZY eaters. I’m pretty sure we’d eaten every meal possible in our tiny Sainsbury’s at least 50 times. Boy were we glad to be moving to an area that had a full sized Morrison’s across the street.

So this terrible habit of buying daily meant that we had no forward planning, and would often end up at the store hangry, in peak hour grocery traffic, with no clue what we were going to eat. This caused hangry words to each other in public and wasted precious time (around 30 mins each and every day), just deciding on what we wanted for dinner.

This drives me mad even thinking about it now, hah, no idea why it took almost 4 months for us to figure this out.

So the planner I am, I started looking at ways to make this way easier and more efficient.

My new super efficient way means I now spend around 30 mins a WEEK working out our evening meals.

D is in charge of his own lunch, he hates routine so thrives on this daily choice.

Each Sunday I look at the vegetables we are receiving in our Abel & Cole for the week ahead, I look at what we already have, and the amount of meals we will be eating at home for dinner. Then comes the fun part, I literally google “LCHF <insert vegetable> meal”, until I find something super easy to make and looks tasty AF.

Recording these on a piece of paper isn’t enough for this organised gal, no way. I have created a Trello board (see this post) with a list of vegetables that we’ve bought or received, and saved the link to the recipe in the comment section.

As you can see below, I even create cards for each day of the week, and simply drag the vegetable across the weeknight we are eating that meal. D hasn’t seen this, hah, he’d definitely think I was a looney going to this much effort.

If one vegetable has multiple delicious recipes I save each one in the same but a different comment. So eventually I’ll have a huge recipe archive of delicious meals.

The fun doesn’t stop there, no way.

I create my shopping list by copying and pasting the ingredients into a notepad on my phone and I drag D to the store to buy all the foods. This is a 30 minute activity and on Sunday afternoons after we are well fed, it is actually bearable.

When it comes time to actually cook, I have my weekdays planned on Trello and I pull up the recipe I need, and boom, the whole meal is made in the time we used to spend going to the store.

Talk about lifesaver.

Do you use a meal delivery service?

Want to try Abel & Cole? Use this link for £20 off your first order

Peace out for now


Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash