London Bottomless Brunch for everyone

Since becoming a Londoner I’m all about brunch and more importantly bottomless brunch.

What is bottomless brunch, I hear you ask?

Well it’s a delicious meal served with alcoholic beverages, usually taking place between midday and 17.00 for a set period of time (the longer the better). So for instance you might get a breakfast food (pancakes, Mmmmm) and an hour of alcoholic drinks.

I thought nothing better than sharing my top favourites in London for a bottomless brunch

Piano Works

This is a new favourite for me, I went for the first time the other weekend. And let me tell you how fun it was. There is video evidence of this (whoops). But what’s not to love, bottomless brunch with music, sign me up.

So there are a few different options here, you can have a proper sit down brunch meal or book a “drinks” table, where you get a brunch box as your meal. The brunch box comes with a wrap and some fries. They had booked out of brunch tables, so we went with the brunch box, I had the vegan one, and it was so darn tasty.

How it works?

You pre order your wrap a week ahead of your booking, there are 3 options, vegan/veg, breakfast wrap, or salmon. On the day you arrive around 15mins before your booking, you don’t want to waste precious drinking time.

When you are seated they give you a few drinking options, I think there are 4 prosecco based drinks, and 3 other cocktails. And this is the start of the fun!

The wait staff are fairly good with refills and there wasn’t too many times that our glasses were empty, which is definitely what you want in a bottomless drinking package.

Our brunch boxes arrived around 1 hour into our 2hour sitting. They arrived in little cardboard boxes and it felt like we were on a school trip, hah, but it was so fun. And by that stage food was very welcomed.

Whilst you’re enjoying drinks, food and wonderful company, a band is on stage playing requests, and banging out all kinds of tunes. You can request songs via cards on your table that the wait staff will take to the band, insider knowledge is that if you provide a tip they will certainly play your song, we learnt this the hard way.

Good for….

It’s great for groups of friends, hen do’s, birthdays or even just a fun night out with your partner.


£35+service for a bunch box and 2 hours of bottomless drinks. Book here


This one is a great Asian chain, filled to the brim with so many delicious menu items. I’ve been to brunch at Inamo a few times and also for dinner, so it’s a great choice for any occasion.

How it works?

You get unlimited menu items, beer and wine for 1.5hours, winning! This is a crowd favourite for D, he loves unlimited food, I’m pretty sure he has 3 stomachs, no idea how he can fit so much food into his body.

Inamo have around 10 different menu items that you can select from, you are only allowed to order 2 dishes per person at the same time. I can highly recommend the bang bang cauliflower, the edamame, and it looks like the menu has changed since I went, but any bao bun is delicious in my books.

Word from the wise do not order rice and waste precocious stomach space on that, ain’t no one have room for that.

The drinks are very free flowing, as with any of my other favourites you don’t have to ask for a refill ever, they are so onto it.


£42+ service for 1.5 hours of unlimited food and drinks, they always have deals on Time Out, so definitely check that out first before booking. Book here


This has been a long-time favourite of mine for a few years, it’s on the dearer end of the scale, however you get so much food, its unlimited buffet food and then a huge main, and of course 2 hours of prosecco.

The few times we have gone there has been a 2 piece band and singer playing which really makes this brunch special. It’s a huge favourite with hens, we’ve been surrounded by them every time we have gone.

How it works?

After being seated you are met with a helpful and friendly staff members who covers all the delicious options available to you. The buffet is located at the end of the room, with an open kitchen serving everything from pancakes to eggs benedict, right by there is two huge island benches, one covered in meats, cheeses, salads, breads and other types of tapas items, and the other island is filled with candies, and sooo many desserts.

Honestly its overwhelming how much choice you have.

But wait?! There is more.

Once you’ve been filled to the brim with all those options, a main meal is served, I’m so full even thinking about it now. This is served as a larger serving that you share with the table.

You’ve been warned, come here hungry.   


£49+service for 2 hours of unlimited food and prosecco. Book here

Daisy Green

And last but by no means least. This Aussie chain has stamped its mark in London and has taken the bottomless brunch scene by storm. I love this place, all the menu items remind me of home, they even serve a parmy at dinner time, YUM!

I’ve been to a few of the restaurants, and I believe they are all fairly similar in their offerings for brunch. Each one has its own style local to the area it’s in, they are super Instagram worthy. So bring a charged phone.

How it works?

You pick your choice of restaurant (I’m booking Darcie next, a barge in Paddington, so fun), and then you spend around 1.5hours drinking unlimited prosecco and feasting on a two course meal. You get a choice of a savoury dish and then a sweet dish.

Savoury dishes range from Aussie favs avo on toast (total Aussie slang here, nothing but the authentic here), to a full English breakfast, yummm. Then you’re met with a choice sweets, I can personally recommend the banana bread, tasty AF. They also have plenty of brunch vegan options, so everyone is catered for.

In my experience the wait staff are very generous with their prosecco watching and my glass has never been empty, so it’s great value.

Word from the wise, have plenty of water, you’ll thank me later.


£39.95+service for 100 mins of bottomless prosecco and a two course meal. Book here

Do you have a favourite not on my list?
Where should I try next?

Peace out for now



21 thoughts on “London Bottomless Brunch for everyone

  1. This sounds absolutely incredible, I can’t believe you have so long and can have as much as you want from anything! Normally there are some restrictions around things and drinks definitely aren’t included so this is a steal.


  2. I have never been for bottomless brunch but it is something I really want to do. Might have to visit one of the places you mentioned.


  3. Now that we don’t live in London any more, going out for food there has to be something special. Love the sound of these – I’m going to have to come down to try a few out!


  4. We lived in Berlin for six years, where brunch was a really big thing too, but I had never heard of a bottomless lunch before. I never have more than two drinks though, so it would probably be wasted on me, haha.


  5. Ohh love a bit of brunch, especially if there is prosecco involved and if it’s bottomless that’s even better – a great way to spend time with friends or family and eat some good food. Thee spots all sound fantastic
    Laura x


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