What I served for a very vegan Christmas

We share our Christmas holidays between London, South Africa and Australian, and this year coincidentally coincided with our first in our new home. So D and I decided to invite our friends who were left in London over the holidays to our place for a Christmas dinner.

One of our friends is vegan and has some very strict dietaries, so I was put to the test to ensure we had enough things for him to eat. Being vegetarians now, we knew we’d be cooking no meat dishes this year.

Pre – dinner snacking

Sadly I didn’t manage to get a photo of our snacking board, which is so unlike me, in fact I barely took any photos this Christmas, didn’t even snap a pic of D and I.

On our snacking board we filled it with crackers, and some cheese, for our non-vegan friends, fruit, hummus, and nuts. I also made a vegan platter filled with almond cheese, coconut cheese, and special vegan crackers.

Everything went down a treat, however as usual I bought way more than needed and we can restock the platter around 10 times before we’ll run out, hah.

The main event

We live right by a Morrison’s, which is amazing. Living in zone 1 previously we’d never had access to a larger store, we only had access to tiny little Sainsbury’s’ and Tesco’s, which have a limited stock. So the large Morrison’s only a 2 min walk away is amazing. They also stock quite a lot of own brand vegan/vegetarian dishes, I’d seen a nut roast on the shelves a few months ago, so bought it knowing we’d have it for Christmas. However we our party of 2 quickly became a party of 6 I knew one tiny nut roast wouldn’t cut it, so I’ve been on the lookout since. Without much success I was getting quite concerned, until one morning on our way back from the gym I popped it and noticed they finally had the roast in stock, so I bought 4 of the 10 there, hah.

I served the nut roast with stuffing, maple glazed carrots, roasted cauliflower, fennel and radish salad and a vegan gravy.

Cooking for 6 people did give me a little anxiety and I think I wrote out my meal plan around 10 times, including cooking times, ocd or what, however it did work out, and everything was ready at the same time, Yay!

Even the non-vegans loved the food, well at least that’s what they told me, hah, and our vegan friend went back for seconds, so I consider that a huge win.

Delicious dessert

I made gingerbread biscuits and was going to try and make them vegan, but D has an issue with vegetable fats and oils, so we made them vegetarian and used butter. As per usual I made far too many and we will be eating them for the next few weeks.

I also had a go at a chocolate pudding made from coconut cream and cocoa powder. Personally I like 90% chocolate, but a lot of people don’t so I was concerned about this dish the most. So I served it with coconut cream and actual cream for the non-vegans, along with some fruit.

It actually turned out really well, and wasn’t too sweet at all, so the perfect end to the Christmas meal.

We had a really great Christmas and serving a vegan Christmas dinner was a great challenge. Thank goodness for the internet and the blogs linked above, otherwise recipes would be super hard to come by and I probably wouldn’t have succeeded like I did.

Bit of a short post this week, I had spent most of the holidays entertaining guests or visiting friends, so haven’t had much time to focus on the blog. Next week will probably be similar, so I apologies in advance if it’s not my usual lengths.

I wish you all a happy holidays and hope you had a wonderful time this Christmas.

Did you serve a vegan/vegetarian dinner?

Peace out for now


A special thanks to all the blogs/websites who provided the recipes and photos above:

7 thoughts on “What I served for a very vegan Christmas

    1. Definitely check out Morrison’s,they have so many delicious items. Though I see some of the high Street takeaway shops are Launching vegan stuff today, like KFC. It’s pretty exciting.


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