Lockdown. Love it? Hate it? Living for it

So it’s been a hot minute since I update my blog… I know, I know, I set a goal last year about blogging, but boy has this pandemic quashed my buzz.

I’d planned to publish a blog last month saying how great everything was going and give you all a little life update on all the work I’d been doing in my career over the past few months and how I was so excited about the new prospects. But truth be told when the UK hit lockdown, I was left a little knocked off my feet.

Like most of you, my work life was turned upside down.

I actually finished a role and was due to start a new one on 23 March, and whilst I have still started the role, how I started with this new company completely changed. My hours were cut to 3 days a week, and I started my first day from the comfort of my very own home.

Such a strange new world, and starting a new role when you can’t meet with your colleagues face to face has presented a few challenges. However there have been some good silver linings from this.

What’s your name again?

I always find remembering my new colleagues names such a challenge, I really should try and improve this skill. The great thing about remote working is that you can attend meetings with no pants (jokes but I’d like to see a poll on how many people are actually doing this), but with having so many meetings on virtual platforms means that everyone logs in with their names underneath them. Boom! I’ve managed to remember everyone’s name within the first meeting. So proud.

Good morning sunshine

As regular readers will know, I love a good routine and mornings are by far my favourite. Not because I am a morning morning, no way Jose, but because I love coffee and I love it more from my bed. But seriously you should try it! In my “normal” life I would get up at 5.30 and have a quick espresso and head of the gym, train, come home and go to work (my morning routine). Which surprisingly I did love. But now…… I get up at 6.30 grab a long black, get back into bed with the sun shining in the windows and I chill till 7.30. This extra time for sleep and for coffees has made ever day of lockdown that much more enjoyable.

I’m still spending at least an hour working out, and it’s not my favoourite to train at home with Shanu T yelling at me, yes I’d much rather be at the gym with proper heavy weights. But that one hour drinking coffee in bed is something I cherish….. hopefully I can figure out a way to bring that out of lockdown into “normal”.

Big, Bright and Airy

The UK is heading into spring, which I’m here for, sadly we can’t be outside for longer than 1 hour to soak up those rays….. BUT….. my flat has the brighest living room ever! Its seriously so bright and airy all day, I get to sit at my dining table and enjoy seeing the sun.

At my old job the sun was also great, I had a beautiful big window, it was so nice. And I’m sure my new place will offer different benefits to that sunny window (hello roof garden), but for now I’m loving the view from my desk.

Introvert’s dream

This lockdown life is what intorverts have trained for their whole lives. Like I love my flat and I could be here for ever if I needed to, okay fine, probably not forever, I do want some normal back soon, I would like to see my friends and family, but I love all this interaction via virtual spaces. I love that I can see my friends for a quick games night without having to leave the comfort of my own home.

D and I can do a whirlwind trip of seeing all our different friends groups in one day, its the best!

What’s new pussy CAT!!

So in the chaos of holidays and changing jobs we decided to get a cat. We adopted him from Dubai through a great company who look after pretty much everything. They ship the cats over full vaccinated, microchipped, ready to be loving pets in the UK. So we picked up Agamemnon on our way home from Norway.

I think D was more excited about “Aggie” than our actual trip to Norway haha. But boy oh boy am I so glad we got him before lock down.

He is the sweetest boy ever, a cute little 18month old black Persian, he is a such a cuddley little guy. And to be honest, he is absorbing a lot of my anxiety through affecting. On my down days (and believe me there has been a few) he picks me up simply by looking at his nose, he’s so darn cute.

I have no idea how I’d have coped going to work straight away with him trying to settle into our flat, he’s going to be so sad when we go back to working away from the house.

So whilst lockdown is not what I thought I’d be doing towards the end of April, but today I’m choosing to take it all in and enjoy the small fun changes it brings.

What are you loving in lockdown?

Have you seen Tiger King? NO? What are you waiting for?

Peace out for now


Photos:  Jens Kreuter on Unsplash,  Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash, Me

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