London: the home to free stuff

One of the great things about life in London is that there is always something to do or something to see that is totally free (except maybe the travel ticket). And over the last few weeks I’ve taken advantage of some great events. BON JOVI So during summer, London has this festival that is held in Hyde Park (British Summer Time) and it has a ton of world famous singers and bands playing, usually Friday through Sunday. Tickets range from £29-£80. And being the poor person I am (haven’t had a pay day since March) I decided groceries were probably … Continue reading London: the home to free stuff

The Queen. The Queen. The Queen…..

Moving to London I had decided there were a few key things I needed to do to ensure I really settled into UK life. See the Queen. Check. Go to a fancy horse race, fall asleep before seeing an actual horse and walk through London covered in wine and vomit. Check and check!!!! First things first, THE QUEEEN. I got up super early on a Saturday and made my way to Buckingham Place and lined up with loads of people to catch a glimpse of the Royal Family. Now I’d only ever seen this on the news, back home, and … Continue reading The Queen. The Queen. The Queen…..

London Food Safari, Part 2

Saturday was planned as another FOOD adventure day. And to ensure our appetite was in check, we decided to ride the 10.6km to the Borough Markets. So off we set for a fun filled ride, which should have taken us around 40 mins, but ended up being close to an hour, and you all know how I get when things don’t go to plan, anyways enough about my personality flaws, onto the food. The Borough Markets are amazing. Imagine free samples of delicious meats, cheeses, oils, olives, and tons more, with a side serving of stalls and stalls of the … Continue reading London Food Safari, Part 2

London: the food safari

My Belgian friend had decided to come and visit and his only request was that we didn’t stick to tourist things only. He wanted to go off the beaten track. I’m still not a local and I had no idea where to go or what to do. So what does any person do when they have no idea about a subject, place or activity? They Google it off course 😉 Some things you should know about my friend. He loves food just as much as me; he likes to look at it, touch, taste, and sample. Fortunately for him, he … Continue reading London: the food safari