Easter in The Netherlands

Spending holidays away from home is always hard, so the best idea is to spend the time busy and crossing adventures off my pinterest lists. So what better way to spend Easter than with a Road Trip around The Netherlands. Whoohoo bring on the Tulips!!! We hired a cute little Nissan to get us around. First stop was Eftetling, located half way between Brussels and Rotterdam. Efteling is a theme park based on fairy tales. It’s quite cool and is broken up into a few areas: Enchanted Forrest, the rest was in Dutch, and I forget what they translated to, … Continue reading Easter in The Netherlands


Okay, Okay, we all know it. I am lazy when it comes to updating this blog. SORRY!! I will try and be better. I’m on a mission now to try and get all my trips on here before they are a year after actually happening. Can I do it??? Hmmmmm, let’s just say I wont be putting money on me.     Right, so on to Dublin. There is so much to say about Dublin. Basically I spent 4 days in August 2013 venturing around Dublin, taking in the sights, and filling my plate with delicious foods. As per usual, … Continue reading Dublin

Luxembourg; the country of castles, and relaxation

I don’t know about you, but my geography is awful. Like the worst ever. Pretty sure I blanked that entire part of my schooling out. That and history have been filed away into the black hole. So when my friend suggested we go visit Luxembourg, I obviously wanted to go, I’m not one to turn down going somewhere I’ve never been, but I had assumed it was a city, not a whole country. Though in my defence its one of the smallest countries in Europe. You can drive from one side of the country to the other in around an … Continue reading Luxembourg; the country of castles, and relaxation

Berlin- better late than never….

Berlin is one of those places where you instantly feel the need to get naked and run through the streets. Well okay, so maybe not naked, but I feel a sense of freedom in this city. When I visited last time in 2012, I was overjoyed with the feeling of being free, living like a hippy.  Careless and free!!! I just feel so relaxed and at peace in this city, which is rather nice, especially after the dense history of this city and Germany in general. So this trip I was  excited, not only to see some of the sites … Continue reading Berlin- better late than never….

London Weekender…

I love that in London on any day of the week you can always find some kind of festival on. Last weekend and this weekend I attended two very different festivals. The first I didn’t actually find out about until Saturday morning on instagram, but decided to buy tickets to the Sunday for an informative day out. Be:Fit has an annual Women’s Health and Fitness expo, and I thought this would be right down my ally, plus Quest Nutrition was going to be there, would I finally get to try my first Quest bar?? So I set off in the … Continue reading London Weekender…

Barcelona Baby…

My first attempt at visiting Spain was one to remember. That’s the time I missed my flight and ended up in Zurich, which for the geographically challenged, was quite an adventure. Wait. Where is Zurich??? So this next attempt, I was determined to actually make it there. And guess what? I DID!! YAY! Barcelona has a ton to offer, and with only two nights and two full days, it was going to be challenging fitting it all in! La Sagrada Familia Or better known by me as The Sangria Family, hehe. We decided to book this one in advance, and … Continue reading Barcelona Baby…

“Walking in a Winter Wonderland”

Christmas is by far my favourite holiday. Not for religious reasons, but because I get to spend time with family and friends. Those 3-5 days staying with my parents in my home town, visiting friends from high school, cooking and eating too much delicious food, and spending way too much time with my brothers and parents, which ends in the good old Christmas fight. There is no better time of the year. I was excited for my first cold Christmas this year, but not missing out of that family time. Lucky for me, I had tons of fun and exciting … Continue reading “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”