Christmas time in Brussels

I’ve been to Brussels a few times now, and what’s not to love; chocolate, delicious fresh waffle aroma filling the streets and beautiful architecture. This time there were promises of chocolate tasting, but Christmas markets and mulled wines were on offer. Being my first Christmas away from the heat, I am very very excited to experience the typical winter Christmassy things. I have visions of it being exactly like in the Christmas carols and Christmas cards. And Brussels did not disappoint. Everywhere you turn; there are Christmas lights, a never ending row of stalls selling everything from mulled wine, and … Continue reading Christmas time in Brussels


This has been top of my list of places to visit since I arrived in the UK. I’ve been dreaming of this trip for months. And when my friend suggested we go for my birthday and for the Christmas Markets, I honestly cried. This would be the best birthday of my adult life! There were a few key things I wanted from this trip. I wanted to go to 42Raw (a cafe that only serves raw food), Paleo (a cafe that only serves paleo foods) and the Christmas Markets. So with this is mind I set off to Copenhagen!!! The … Continue reading Copenhagen

Parents: Duck & Waffle and the Ritz

So the day was upon us. Mum’s 50th Birthday!!!! Dad and I had been organising for months what we were going to do on this day. We wanted it to be special in every way. We started the day with a lovely ride on one of the London buses, (yep mum was thrilled with that, haha) on route to Selfridges. The food hall at Selfridges is amazing, another place I could spend hours in, browsing all the food. After ogling all the food, we settled for coffees and of course a birthday cupcake for mum. Next stop on the MUM … Continue reading Parents: Duck & Waffle and the Ritz

Parents: NRL Grand Final, High Tea

So for those who know me, know I’m pretty awful at team sports, and I don’t have the attention span to stay focused for long enough to watch an actual game of sport on TV. However, being an Aussie, this changes when your dad wants to watch a game, particularly in my case a game of NRL, especially when the Roosters are playing. For that 80mins, plus the half time minutes, and the pre-match junk they play, I put aside my attention span and manage to sit there, and pretend I know the rules of the game, and actually end … Continue reading Parents: NRL Grand Final, High Tea

Parents: Portobello Road, Wholefoods

I’ve been living in London for almost 190 days, and boy oh boy has that time flown. It feels like just yesterday my parents told me they had planned to visit. Thankfully, being the organised person I am, I had the entire 10 days planned out ready for them to see everything I find interesting in London. And that basically means, I made reservations at all the restaurants I’d been dying to try, haha. Of course I think with my stomach first. There is nothing quite like seeing your parents in real life, after only seeing pixelated versions of their … Continue reading Parents: Portobello Road, Wholefoods

The Joys of London Life

WhooHoo!!! What better way to spend a Friday than playing tour guide to a group of women from all over Europe……… Man I love my job!!! My work held a conference in London on Friday for an association that has members from all over Europe, and due to the location of London they bring their partners along too. So my job was to assist one of my work colleagues for the day, showing a bunch of foreigners around the city, and i classify myself in that foreigner group, hehe i was talking more pictures than them. First stop was the Tower … Continue reading The Joys of London Life

l’aventure Paris

I was in two minds about my long weekend in Paris. I was super dooper excited for Disneyland, I mean, come on who wouldn’t be? But I wasn’t impressed by Paris sights last time I was here in August 2012, so I was unsure if this time would be different. And mannn was I wrong. Paris is AMAZING!!!!! I think it has a lot to do with where you stay and what sights you choose to see. Last time I stayed in the ghetto and only focused on the Eiffel Tower, le Louvre, and a few other small things that were incorporated into … Continue reading l’aventure Paris