Easter in The Netherlands

Spending holidays away from home is always hard, so the best idea is to spend the time busy and crossing adventures off my pinterest lists. So what better way to spend Easter than with a Road Trip around The Netherlands. Whoohoo bring on the Tulips!!! We hired a cute little Nissan to get us around. First stop was Eftetling, located half way between Brussels and Rotterdam. Efteling is a theme park based on fairy tales. It’s quite cool and is broken up into a few areas: Enchanted Forrest, the rest was in Dutch, and I forget what they translated to, … Continue reading Easter in The Netherlands


Okay, Okay, we all know it. I am lazy when it comes to updating this blog. SORRY!! I will try and be better. I’m on a mission now to try and get all my trips on here before they are a year after actually happening. Can I do it??? Hmmmmm, let’s just say I wont be putting money on me.     Right, so on to Dublin. There is so much to say about Dublin. Basically I spent 4 days in August 2013 venturing around Dublin, taking in the sights, and filling my plate with delicious foods. As per usual, … Continue reading Dublin